Monthly Archives: February 2013

Bifrost up on Nuget

We are super excited, we finally managed to get Bifrost up on Nuget. We will be publishing packages as soon as we have changes, new features and such. We’ll get back to you on how we’re going to deal with versioning and what our strategies are for continuously deploying to Nuget will be. 

With our push to Nuget we added a QuickStart package that one can use to get up and running quickly, all you need to do after adding the package is to compile and run and you’ll have a simple sample that shows how Bifrost is setup and how you can get started writing your features.

Bifrost license change

The license for Bifrost used to be shared between Dolittle and Komplett  as a joint venture that began a couple of years ago. As our focus an investment is moving more and more into Bifrost, we have agreed with Komplett that Dolittle is taking ownership of the license and the project. With this we also want to simiplify the licensing, so we’re moving to a standard MIT license without any special clause like we used to have – plain vanilla.

So, what does this mean if you’re using Bifrost?

Well, nothing actually, it means that its a simpler model – there is one party that holds the copyright, no special clauses, a well known and well used license.