Balder is out

UPDATE 8th of July 2010 : is out – read more here.

Finally after a couple of months of hard work and polishing the code, API and performance, version ofBalderis out. A SampleBrowser can be found here for viewing most of the features ofBalder.
The features that has changed or is new are as follows:

* Introduced Silverlight in Core, but still maintaining platform independence
– Using core objects directly in Xaml can now be done

* Removed all controls in Balder.Core.Silverlight.Controls – not needed anymore

* Introduced View namespace with IView interface and Camera implementing it

* Viewport has View property insted of Camera

* Moved rendering from a multithread environment to run synchronously on the CompositionTarget. It gives better performance, due to synchronization issues between all threads. Will be revisited in the future.

* New drawing routines, optimized

* Heightmap primitive

* Box primitive

* Rotation, Scale on nodes

* Cylinder primitive

* DebugLevel is known as DebugInfo

* Material system in place

* Support for ReflectionMapping on materials

* Double sided materials

* Sprite rendering with alpha channel

* NodesControl – datadriven nodes control with templating – In Balder.Silverlight.Controls

* NodesStack – datadriven stacking of nodes with templating – in Balder.Silverlight.Controls

9 thoughts on “Balder is out

  1. Gabriel Gois says:


    First of all, realy nice this new version.

    I’m trying to use it, without success… can you upload the code of the new sample?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. mike hodnick says:

    Absolutely excellent.

  3. Thanks guys.

    The source for the samples are both in the SampleBrowser itself under the Resources Tab, but you’ll also find them as part of the Balder Source code package in the release itself :

  4. Arjan Einbu says:

    Cool! Works fine on the Mac!

  5. Great, it goes smoooth!!! seems that it is time to start playing "real" 3D on Silverlight!

    Many thanks!

  6. Thanks.

    Arjan: Good to hear it works on your Mac – I’m a Mac user myself and tested everything, still haven’t found any differences with Silverlight on Mac. Everything just works.

  7. Pål says:

    Great Einar. Each new release looks better and is faster. When can we expect the Silverlight Doom clone 🙂 ?

  8. Thanks.

    🙂 I’m thinking more of Quake.

    We’ll see how things progress – still got juice in Silverlight to squeeze – will be working on squeezing it first. Then its time for content.

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