iPhone – now with 3G and GPS

A new version of the iPhone was announced today at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2008. It will have both 3G and a GPS, and it’s still slim and great looking as the previous version (I know I want one. πŸ™‚ ):


3 thoughts on “iPhone – now with 3G and GPS

  1. ugur kazdal says:

    I wont buy this cuz I’ll wait for something which’ll be made by Microsoft ( for surface)

  2. HTC Touch is out there and pretty good. Microsoft has teamed up with NVidia to provide mobile devices with real 3D accelerated graphics. When they get this, faster CPUs and a lot more memory than they have today, they will start to be hardwarewize competing with the iPhone.

  3. Apple Mac says:

    Apple Now Offer: The 3G Iphone (Brand New)

    Across The Nations.

    BUY 3G Iphone 16GB $350Usd
    3G Iphone 8GB $250Usd


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