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Visual Studio Gallery

The ecosystem team for Visual Studio just announced a brand new site for finding extensions built for Visual Studio.

The goal for the team is to give the developers an easy way to find extensions for Visual Studio

Read more from Soma’s post about it here.

NNUG Oslo usergroup meeting material

I held a talk yesterday (28th of february 2008) a talk about XNA. The talk is pretty much what I held at Game Camp last year which was a revised version of what I had at NNUG Bergen in October last year.

Anywho, if you’re interested in the material you can download it from this posts attachment.

The solution is a city in which you move around in with your Xbox gamepad or keyboard (arrow keys to move, A for flying up, Z for flying down, U for looking up and D for looking down).

NNUG Vestfold – User group meeting – 28th of February 2008

We’re back on track NNUG Vestfold is hosting another user group meeting.

This time we will have a deeper look at test driven development and the use of mocking.
Thomas Eyde will come and talk about TDD and Fredrik Kalseth will do a follow up with the use of TypeMock, and then he will conclude with a deeper look at Jetbrains Resharper

Signup here.

You might want to quit the .net 3.5 installer to install .net 3.5

A friend of mine; Hans Petter Harveg, just emailed me an interesting error message they got when installing the .net 3.5 framework.



It must be the good old chicken and the egg story, I’m sure.. 🙂

XNA 3.0 in 2008 – now with Zune support

Microsoft has announced that they will offer a preview release of XNA 3.0 in spring of 2008 timeframe with a final release scheduled for the 2008 holiday season.
XNA 3.0 will contain give the developers the ability to create content for Zune.

Read more over at the XNA teams blog.

TFS – Source Control Move of builds – Ultimate Automagic

I’ve been working quite a bit the last two weeks with setting up a continuous integration build regime at work along side a big refactoring job that includes a lot of files and directories moving about.

In TFS2005 the default path for builds was $<your project>TeamBuildTypes<build name>. This is more customizable in TFS2008 and I wanted to take advantage of that. I figured that our build types should be within the branch, so that when we’re branching out we can branch out even the build types. Using the Source Control Explorers move action, I started moving about our builds. The next thing I needed to do was to update the build definition by going to the Team Explorer in Visual Studio and rightclicking the build I wanted to edit and choose to edit the build definition. Selected the project file page. Much to my surprise, the path for the project file has already been updated. Turns out that the build part of TFS figured out I moved the files and decided to update this automagically. Quite a nice feature, if you ask me. Saved me a bit of work, seeing that we have a few builds.

Silverlight 2.0 Slotmachine Game

I entered the European Silverlight Challenge with a Silverlight Slotmachine game and ended up halfway on the results list. I’m pretty happy with that result, giving that I only spent 3 full days on the solution. The graphics for the game was made by a friend of mine; Sigurd Kristiansen (Simian), for a project I worked on in 2001 at a company I co-founded with a couple of other guys; Hermes Interactive.


You can play the game and download the source code here.

Game Camp on tour

This year Game Camp will be on tour and host several events.
I was asked earlier to hold an XNA talk at NNUG (Norwegian .Net User Group) in Oslo and will have this on the 26th of february.

If you want to come and listen to a fast introduction to XNA and you happen to be in the neighbourhood, stop
by the event page and register.

Resharper 4.0 – Nightly builds

JetBrains has provided access to the nightly builds of Resharper.

I know I dare to install them, do you.. 🙂

A bug in Vista that didn’t get fixed by the Service Pack

This is probably not a show stopper for most of you, more of an interesting bug..



You are by default declined to not join the customer experience program.. 🙂  The OK button is disabled.
By clicking the “Joint the Windows….” radiobutton and then click the “I don’t want…” radiobutton, you’re able to click the OK button.

An effective way to get people to join the Customer Experience Improvement Program, I’m sure..